Transitional + Mid-Century

From Drawing to Completion

This project was a full house renovation and involved working closely with the owner, as well as the interior designer that she hired. The interior designer supplied very specific drawings and it was important that the cabinetry adhered to the designer’s vision.   

One of the challenges was working with the interior designer’s drawings and transforming the design from paper to reality. The owner favored Modern, Mid-Century style, while the interior designer’s motif was Transitional. Bringing the different components together, while staying in line with the overall theme was the biggest task.

The largest hurdle was when it came time to order the kitchen island. The owner wanted the island to be delivered “unfinished” and have their painter match the stain to an heirloom piece of furniture. Luckily, the painter did a fantastic job and the island turned out great!


Close Up



Door Style: Nantucket
Wood Species: Heartwood
Color: Eggshell


Color: Custom
Wood Species: Oak