Cabinet Styles

Huntwood lets you customize your look in 6 easy steps.

Instead of limiting your choices, Huntwood’s Cabinet Showroom allows you to design a kitchen that is uniquely yours. Simply make one selection from each category:

1 Choose your Door Style
2 Choose your Stain or Paint Color
3 Choose your Wood Species
4 Choose your Door Overlay
5 Choose your Edge Profile
6 Then if you wish, add a Special Finish

Or select a unique offering from our Elements line of Frameless cabinets.

More Personalization: No matter what your budget is, Huntwood’s staff will help you realize your dreams by offering the nation’s widest range of door styles, wood species, colors, glazes, special finishes, distressing, door overlays, edge profiles, and mouldings.


Outstanding designer stains and paint colors.

Wood Species

Diverse Wood Species that provide unlimited design flexibility.


European Beech





Rustic Alder

Black Walnut

Rustic Hickory

Rift-cut White Oak

Door Overlays

From Standard to Full, Flush Inset to Frameless.

I Standard Overlay

Face frame shows above, below and to the sides of doors and drawer fronts.

Sides: 1″
Bottom: 1″
Top: 1″ base, 1″ wall
Between Drawer and Door: 3/4″

II Width Overlay

Doors are wider (covering face frame) with spaces above and below doors.

Sides: 1/4″
Bottom: 1″
Top: 1″ base, 1″ wall
Between Drawer and Door: 3/4″

III Full Overlay

Doors are wider and higher to cover face frame completely.

Sides: 1/4″
Bottom: 1/8″
Top: 1/8″ base, 1/8″ wall
Between Drawer and
Door: 1/8″

Flush Inset

Doors are hinged inside face frame, with door faces “flush” with face frame.

Sides: 1 19/32″
Bottom: 1 19/32″
Top: 1 19/32″ base & wall
Between Drawer and Door: 1 11/32″

Flush Beaded Inset

Same as “Flush Inset”, with the addition of a decorative bead around openings.

Sides: 1 19/32″
Bottom: 1 19/32″
Top: 1 19/32″ base & wall
Between Drawer and Door: 1 11/32″


Elements Compatible

Contemporary cabinets built without a face frame. Frameless cabinets look similar to a Full Overlay, with even less reveal than Framed construction.

Sides: 1/16″
Bottom: 1/8″
Top: 1/8″ base & wall
Between Drawer and Door: 1/8″

Edge Profiles

Transform any Door Style into the look you are after.

#10 edge

#11 edge

#22 edge

#78 edge

#80 edge

#81 edge

#82 edge

#83 edge

#84 edge

#98 edge

Edge Profiles #11, #22 and #80 not available for Elements. Edge Profile #78 is the only edge recommended for F/FB Overlays.

Special Finishes

Enhance cabinet doors with glazed or aged finishes.