Creative Mouldings

Mouldings turn a plain kitchen into a designer kitchen.

Creative mouldings transform cabinets into furniture. Crown mouldings and wall bottom mouldings frame your entire design with a finished look that a true custom kitchen exemplifies.

Mouldings pull your design together, creating harmony and a beautiful design statement. The rule of thumb is to use mouldings that complement your door style: Traditional and Classical styles use more detailed mouldings, while Contemporary door styles lean toward mouldings with clean lines and simplicity. Craftsman door styles require Arts & Crafts mouldings.

Moulding Options

Large Crown Moulding

Heavy Angled Crown
+ Angled Crown

Heavy Angled Crown

Angled Crown

Combination Angle Moulding

Heavy Crown Moulding

Crown Moulding

Heavy Angled Crown
+ Filler + Wall Bottom

Cove Crown Large

Cove Crown Medium

Cove Crown Small

Plain Angled Crown Large

Plain Angled Crown

Light Rail Moulding + Cove Crown Small + Cove Moulding