Rustic Two-Tone

From Drawing to Completion

The homeowner came into our showroom with a pretty good idea of what she wanted for her kitchen remodel. However, with the help of Huntwood’s designer, several changes were made:

The homeowner originally wanted a beverage cooler next to the range top. The designer felt it would have looked out of place, and supplied another option to keep the cooler but have it nearby, outside the kitchen.

Because Innsbruck is a mitered door and couldn’t have glass added, the salesperson changed the design to accommodate two doors for the uppers.

The island was going to hold cookbooks on one side, but was changed last-minute to allow phone-charging.

Door Style: Innsbruck

Painted Cabinets

Wood Species: Heartwood
Color: Graphite

Stained Cabinets

Wood Species: Rustic Alder
Color: Cinnamon