A Cook’s Haven

From Drawing to Completion

The clients for this remodeling project had food allergies, making it difficult to be without a kitchen and needing to eat out. It was important to complete their new kitchen, where they could gather and prepare their meals in a safe environment. Because of this, the job needed to be done as quickly as possible.

One challenge was the placement of the microwave. One of the clients is 6’ 10”, so placing it in the island would have made it difficult for him to access. Ultimately, the microwave was located in the pantry unit, freeing up space in the island for a drop-down section for more seating.

Thanks to the help of neighbors, family and friends, the clients were able to get through the construction process without any food reactions and get back to enjoying safe and healthy meals from home again.

Door Style: Montego
Color: Graphite
Wood Species: Heartwood
Special Finish: Artisan Black Glaze
Island Special Finish: Heirloom Dove