Final Product


From Drawing to Completion

"Our customer wanted an open plan that would accommodate her social functions."

This project was a remodel for a contemporary home in Federal Way surrounded by windows with a spectacular view. The homeowner asked for an open concept kitchen with a casual atmosphere ideal for entertaining large groups. The overall design was simple, but the client had some unique stylistic requirements. The kitchen had three islands with various heights, all with large drawer banks, and maximum counter space to act as buffet areas.

The client selected Thermofoil cabinets, and had a very specific color and texture in mind that was hard to locate. Jill, the designer, proposed an eclectic mix of white Thermofoil using a wood species in a horizontal grain, with a matte finish on Rift-cut White Oak. A sample was shipped from the plant to present to the client. The color with the matte finish was perfect and was approved for the project!



Sink Close-Up
Kitchen Office
Kitchen Medium


Door Style 1: Cielo, Wood Specie: Rift-cut White Oak, Color: Custom Stain

Door Style 2: Maniago, Color: White Gloss