State of the Art Facility
State of the Art Facility

Huntwood’s 567,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant in Liberty Lake, WA is an advanced cabinet manufacturing facility. Energy saving features were engineered into heating, cooling and lighting systems. The plant utilizes the best of today’s worldwide technology (robotics, high-precision machinery, material processing) along with time-honored woodworking techniques.

Award Winning Finishing Process
Award Winning Finishing Process

Clean Air Award

Our award winning finishing system is not only safer for the environment, it dramatically reduces the amount of "out gassing" normally associated with new cabinetry. This process won the SCAPCA Clean Air Award for its ultra-low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions. 

Environmental Stewardship

Green Manufacturing

The primary materials used in the manufacture of Huntwood’s cabinets are engineered to have minimal impact upon the environment. We use only non-urea added formaldehyde plywood and particleboard because it is better for the planet and better for the air quality inside your home.

Waste Reutilization


Excess materials are recycled, with 80% reused in future applications.

Advanced Waste Management

The waste produced from the milling of wood is converted to sawdust which is sold to paper mills, who use it to generate power for their operations. Our careful management of waste product significantly reduces contribution to landfills.

See video: Green project with Huntwood cabinets

Well-Managed Materials

Green TreeExterior components are produced using materials selectively harvested from forests managed by companies committed to well-managed resources. And this is only part of Huntwood's commitment to sustainable resources.