Super Durable Finishing Process

Huntwood’s exclusive 12-step finishing process is the toughest and longest lasting in the cabinet industry. Hand wiped stain assures consistency and quality. Product goes through 4 coats of sealer and 4 oven chambers to provide maximum cure of the finish.

Catalyzed Conversion Varnish Finish

Our sealer and top coat feature 33% higher solids than the industry standard, providing the ultimate in durability. A catalyst in the sealer is activated in the oven chambers, creating a better cure & harder surface.

Award Winning Process

Clean Air Award

Our finishing process won the SCAPCA Clean Air Award for its ultra low VOC emissions. Excess materials from paint process are recycled with 80% reused in future applications.

Waste Reutilization


Excess materials are recycled, with 80% reused in future applications.

12 Step Finishing Process

cabinet finish layers

1 Machine & Hand-Sanding (both sides)
2 Machine & Hand-Wiped Stain (both sides)
3 Sealer Coat (front)
4 Oven Baking #1 (front)
5 Sealer Coat (back)
6 Oven Baking #2 (back)
7 Finish Hand-Sanding (back)
8 Top Coat (back)
9 Oven Baking #3 (back)
10  Finish Hand-Sanding (front)
11 Top Coat (front)
12 Oven Baking #4 (front)