So it’s finally time to design your dream kitchen...

...and you want everything to be perfect. So how do you create a kitchen that everyone will be drawn to, with an overall design aesthetic that fits your personality... and a level of efficiency that will make your time spent in the kitchen more enjoyable?

To break up runs of equal height wall cabinets, pick one or two key cabinets and slightly increase the height and / or depth. This creates a quiet, yet significant, change in the design, while adding interior depth for storage of large items. To break up base cabinets, you can slightly increase depth on key cabinets, like a sink base or cooktop cabinet, and insert pilasters or turned posts for visual interest.

Complement the look of your doors by selecting optional 5-Piece Drawer Fronts, turning cabinets into furniture. Most kitchens only have 8 to 12 drawer fronts, so this lovely upgrade is usually quite reasonable.

Top off your design with the final touch: Mouldings pull your design together, creating harmony and a beautiful design statement. The rule of thumb is to use moldings that complement your door style: Traditional and Classical styles use more detailed moldings. While Contemporary door styles lean toward mouldings with clean lines and simplicity. And Craftsman door styles require Arts & Crafts mouldings.

It’s all in the Details! Glass Doors, Finished End Panels, Turned Posts, Pilasters, Corbels, Bottom Rail Options, Decorative Feet, Appliance Panels. These are just some of the easiest and most effective details that fine-tune your design into something special.

Remember, this may be a kitchen you will be living and working in with for years to come. Why not create one that makes your life easier, more organized and more enjoyable? Let’s start at the beginning, with theKitchen Work Triangle.” The main working functions of a kitchen are carried out between the refrigerator... the sink... and the cook top. We draw an imaginary line between these work areas, with no leg of the triangle being less than 4 feet, or more than 9 feet.

A well-designed kitchen uses every square foot wisely... even in hard to reach areas like Corners. Choose from Lazy Susans... Square Corners... and Corner Drawers. Full-extension Drawer Guides allow you to use every inch of your drawers... with SoftClose for whisper-soft silence. Roll-Out Shelves eliminate the need to get down on your knees searching for items on the backs of fixed shelves. These popular accessories come in regular and deep heights. Pull-Out Wastebaskets and Recycling Bins conveniently placed near food prep areas, keep unsightly trash out of sight and out of mind. Spice Racks, Can Racks, Plate Racks and Wine Racks help you categorize supplies into accessible locations. Pantries and Chef’s Cabinets let you store all of your food in one place for easy inventories.

An experienced Huntwood kitchen designer knows how to circumvent the many common mistakes that some people overlook, like...
• Avoiding door interference between adjacent cabinets and appliances.
• Keeping traffic patterns away from the Work Triangle.
• Making sure work aisles are wide enough.
• In seating areas, leaving adequate space between the wall... and the counter or table.
• And allowing enough countertop space next to all cook surfaces, sinks and appliances.